MonoDermà® Vitamins

Innovation for skin beauty

MonoDermà® Giuliani is an innovative line of dermatological products developed by our researchers as convenient single-dose cosmetics for topical use with the aim of providing all the beneficial properties of vitamins to skin.
Pure and stable free vitamins are contained in biodegradable jelly single-doses, in the optimal concentration to provide skin the desired nourishment and protection.
The pleasant texture, combined with the total absence of preservatives, color additives and perfume, minimize the risk of allergies and ensure the maximum tolerability also for the most sensitive skin types.

MonoDermà® Cosmetics

In addition to the Vitamins, Giuliani’ skin care research has recently developed three innovative powerful anti-ageing serums designed to maintain and reactivate your skin key functionalities in each age phase with an extra availability of specific functional active ingredients and complexes, that give your skin a new vitality for an hydrated, nourished, smooth, plump, bright and younger looking face. Also ideal for sensitive skin that, for its micro-inflammations, ages prematurely.

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