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What makes our products unique, safe and efficient is the innovative MonoDermoDose® base: the single dose provides a pure, effective formulation that respects the skin’s ecosystem.
The use of vitamins in the MonoDermoDose® format was studied specifically to give the skin only active ingredients in their purest form, completely excluding water, preservatives, colorants and fragrances, “Give the skin only what it needs”, this is the message that MonoDermoDose® prompts us each day. Dermocosmetic purity and efficacy combined in a single gift of wellbeing to your skin

The philosophy inspiring the MonoDermà® line of products is centred on the concept of “dermocosmetic minimalism”. MonoDermà® Vitamins comply with the principle of having exquisitely basic formulations: only pure active ingredients, the minimum number of excipients, total absence of preservatives, fragrances and colorants.

The formulations have been studied to minimise the risk of sensitisation and allergic reactions, in order to guarantee high tolerability even for the most sensitive skin.

The hypoallergenic formulations, guaranteed by the careful choice of the active ingredients and the cutting edge methods of formulation make our products suitable for daily use, even during pregnancy. Consultation with your doctor is reccomended.

The single dose product must be used for only one application and, more specifically, must be used immediately after it has been opened. In fact, it is the innovative MonoDermoDose<sup>®</sup> base which protects the pure active ingredients from contact with air and from light, without the need to use chemical stabilisers or preservatives.

Hold the MonoDermoDose® gently between the fingers in a horizontal or vertical position, taking care not to exert strong pressure, and twist the closure of the container until it detaches completely.
Apply the product to a perfectly cleaned skin, using your fingers to spread it over the parts to be treated.
The product is absorbed quickly, is not greasy and does not leave marks

After applying the vitamin in the MonoDermoDose®, you can use another cosmetic on your skin (e.g. daytime moisturiser, sun cream, night-time nutrient cream, make- up).

Yes, the MonoDermoDose® of 0.5 ml is the right amount for treating both your face and neck.

MonoDermà® E5 can be used as a “basic antioxidant”, preferably for long periods of treatment.
In contrast, it is recommended that MonoDermà® A15 and MonoDermà® C10 are used for cycles of treatment lasting 2 to 3 months, which can be repeated during the arc of a year.

Generally speaking, the topical application of retinoids can cause reddening, desquamation and dry skin. Compared to other retinoids, Retinol is better tolerated; nevertheless, these secondary effects, which are due to the product’s activity, may sometimes occur, particularly during the first few times the product is applied.
In this case, adjust the frequency of application according to the sensitivity of your own skin.
If any redness and burning persist, suspend use of the product.

The product should be applied to a perfectly dry skin.
Any slight tingling is due to the activity of the product and will disappear after a short time.
If any redness persist, suspend use of the product.

Since Retinol has an exfoliating effect on the skin, it makes the skin more sensitive to exposure to the sun. For this reason, it is recommended that MonoDermà® A15 is applied in the evening and a protective sun cream used during the day.

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