Only vitamin in free form, minimalist formulation, absence of preservatives, fragrances and colorants.

  • Minimum risk of sensitization and allergic reactions
  • Product stability and protection
  • Practicality and ease of use

MonoDermà Vitamins


MonoDermà® A15 contains pure vitamin A (Retinol) at a concentration of 0.15%.
Vitamin A plays a vital role in the skin because it is responsible for the constant renewal of our epithelial tissue following a mechanism called, cellular turnover.
Retinol is a natural regulator of this life cycle, regulates the keratinization and protects epithelial cells.
Retinol has shown to be effective in preventing and delaying skin ageing: in addition to promoting the process of cell regeneration, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and performs a gentle exfoliating and smoothing action, with a clear attenuating effect on the deeper wrinkles.
Monodermà A15, indicated as anti-ageing for mature skins, gives the face a smooth, relaxed aspect, significantly reducing also the skin discolorations.
Monodermà A15 is also indicated for the treatment of skin prone to acne: Retinol regulates the production of sebum, minimizes dilated pores and plays a normalization action in the skin, that is essential to prevent the formation of blackheads.


Performs a delicate exfoliating/smoothing action

Encourages cell renewal

Attenuates deeper wrinkles

Prevents and delays skin ageing

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